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  • Carbon neutrality can lead to new economic miracle


    At the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly, President Xi pledged that China will make every effort to peak its carbonemissions before 2030 and achieve carbonneutrality before 2060. Recently, dean Liu Qia...

  • Market-Expanding or Market-Stealing? Competition with Network Effects in Bike-Sharing


    In a recent paper forthcoming at RAND Journal of Economics, Professors Xi Weng and Li-An Zhou and their coauthors exploit the staggered entry of two dockless bike-sharing firms to study whether the entrant expands or st...

  • Targeted information and limited attention


    Companies in the era of digital economy have access to comprehensive and detailed data of consumers, which, together with the rapid development of targeting technology, has allowed them to send personalized messages to ...

  • How difficult is it to be a mother in modern society?


    For a long time, we have not hesitated to praise our mothers with noble phrases such as "selflessness", "giving" and "dedicated". Even so, we may have greatly underestimated the huge cost associated with the role of "mo...

  • Location Choice, Portfolio Choice


    Can you imagine that households tend to buy the stocks of firms near where they live? What factors may influence such decision? Professor Jiangmin Xu, collaborated with other scholars, found out the mystical role of pro...

  • Do people feel less at risk: Evidence from disaster experience?


    Will people feel more risk after experiencing catastrophic disasters? While the intuitive answer is yes, a recent study by Prof. Yu-Jane Liu shows that earthquake survivors might feel less risk after their “lucky” exp...

  • Dean Liu Qiao Underlines Structural Issues in Analysis of China's Mid-year Data


    As semi-annual data highlights China's continued post-Covid-19 recovery, Guanghua's Dean Liu Qiao reviews the trio of investment, import and consumption as primary growth-driving forces and recommends policies to addres...

  • Housework Politics: A Deeper Look into Couples’ Purchase Intention


    Mundane as it is, housework is often the trigger of existential debates among married couples. Guanghua professor Fu Guoqun studies the connection between couples’ division of labor and their intention to buy home appl...

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