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    Leading academics who possess in-depth knowledge of the Chinese economy and social issues and who are effective instructors will be selected to serve as faculty at the Institute. Professors from Guanghua and other schools at Peking University will help ensure the quality of research and education conducted by the Institute. The Institute will also recruit faculty of practice from government and industry who will be involved in teaching and mentoring and will share their unique perspectives.

  • The Institute will conduct business case studies that showcase China’s development experience, evaluate BRI-related operations of Chinese companies to identify best practices, and document other case studies pertaining to BRI-related countries. In partnership with the Guanghua “Thought Leadership Platform”, the Institute has already launched three BRI-specific research projects:

    Sino-Foreign Economic Cooperation Zones in Belt and Road Countries

    Views of People from “Belt and Road” Countries on China’s Economic Rise

    Implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative: A Case Study on Gezhouba Group

    Research Projects & Case Studies
  • Young Sinologist Program

    Scholars from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany and Italy were invited by the Institute to the Guanghua School of Management for a series of academic seminars, company visits, and other immersive cultural activities to support them in furthering their own academic research on topics related to China’s economic and social development.

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