• The open courses cover political, economic, historical, cultural, and management fields and many subdivisions. There are macro-level concepts, model analysis, and micro-management practices and issues. For different content and different types of students, the course adopts rich teaching methods such as theoretical explanation, case teaching, interactive discussion, and field experience. It aims to help students from all walks of life at home and abroad to enhance their personal leadership by integrating the latest research results and organizational practices in various fields.Participants can also cultivate an international vision to more effectively respond to the increasingly complex economic and social environment around the world.

  • Belt & Road Executive Program for Senior Diplomats


    The Belt and Road Executive Program: China's Economic model is specifically tailored for senior diplomats from other countries who work in China. The program provides participants with an insider’s view of China's economic miracle- focusing on the government's facilitating roles in promoting economic and business development. Through a series of carefully tailored seminars, the program aims to comprehensively analyze China's past, present and future from both academic and industry perspectives. In addition, the program will provide participants with a unique platform to discuss, share and exchange ideas with other Belt and Road countries'diplomats, world-renowned scholars, Chinese government officials, policy-makers and industry leaders. The inaugural Belt and Road Executive Program held in 2018 attracted a cohort comprised of 50 senior diplomats from 36 countries around the world, including ambassadors, minsters, economic or commercial counsellors working in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chendu.


    Belt and Road Initiatives & Next Phase of Globalization
    New Globalization and China's Economic Growth National Development Strategy and the Framework of Belt and Road Initiative
    Facilitating Government and Regional Economy
    Incentives and Governance: China's Local Governments China's Regional Economy and Urbanization Industrial and Economic Development Zones
    Entrepreneurship, Innovation and New Economy
    The innovation of Chinese Manufacturing Firms The Transformation of Chinese Enterprises The New Era of Corporate China Decoding China's New Economy

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