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  • How long is the program cycle?

    ​International students will complete their first two years of academic study at their respective home institutions, and their third and fourth years of study will be completed at the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University. Individual partner schools may have additional requirements that could prolong study duration, so students should verify with the program coordinator at their respective home institutions. The first cohort of international students began their time at Guanghua in Fall 2020.

    Domestic students will spend all four years of their program at Peking University, but their third and fourth years will be spent together with international students.

  • How many degrees will be offered under this program?

    After international students meet the graduation requirements of both their respective home institutions and Peking University, they will receive Bachelor's degrees from both institutions.

    Domestic students will receive a Bachelor's degree in Management from Peking University.

  • What kind of degree is offered by this program?

    ​Students will receive a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Management from Peking University. The degree that international students will be awarded by their home institutions will vary.

  • Is the language of instruction Chinese or English?

    When international and domestic students come together as a single cohort for their third and fourth years of study, their coursework will be completed entirely in English. If applicants have attained an acceptable level of proficiency in Chinese, they will have the opportunity to take some Chinese-taught courses.

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