• Qualifications

    Students should be in the top 15% of class at their home university or have otherwise exhibited exceptional promise in other areas;

    Demonstrate a strong interest in the interdisciplinary study of China and be willing to contribute to addressing global challenges and promoting cross-cultural communication;

    Exhibit strong moral character, a clear sense of mission, and global vision;

    Have a track record of leadership potential and social responsibility, or the ability to make an impact in their field/community;

    Determination, energy and adaptability to drive changes despite obstacles, and inspire others to help make changes happen.

  • Application Process

    All students of Partner Universities are required to apply through their universities. Partner universities will conduct the pre-review and the first round interview, and then recommend the best and brightest candidates to our program. A second-round interview will be organized by Peking University, and admitted candidates will be subsequently notified.

    • Applications from PKU

      Application procedures vary for students depending on their current PKU faculty, and applicants should apply using the process outlined for their specific faculty. Students are typically required to apply toward the end of their first year at PKU.

      The Program admissions committee will comprehensively assess the academic performance, leadership potential, essays, and reference letters of all candidates throughout the application review and interview processes.

      Please visit the Chinese language website for more information.

      Application Information
    • Applications from Partner Institutions

      Students of partner institutions should apply and submit online application supporting documents to home universities.

      1st-round interview: partner institutions will carry out a preliminary evaluation of application materials and conduct a 1st-round interview for qualifying candidates.

      Nomination: based on their initial assessments, partner institutions will nominate the most competitive candidates for a second round interview.

      2nd-round interview: the Program admissions office will invite candidates nominated by partner institutions to attend a second round interview for final evaluation.

      Please download Admissions Brochure for more information.

      Application Information

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